Flushing hydraulic and lubricating systems, cleaning oil from mechanical impurities (ISO 4406:1999, SAE AS 4059, NAS1638, GOST 17216:2001, GJB 420, DEF STAN 91-91)

Flushing with Filtered Oil at High Flow Rates


1The system is flushed using special filter element and pumping units with turbulent flows at rates ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 liters per minute. These units have appropriate operating parameters and are connected to the oil system with hoses, manifolds, bearings, servo-motors and other flow-restricting elements.

Flushing is performed using fresh turbine oil, which will remain in the system for further use. A separate batch of flushing oil is not needed. The flushing process continues until the purity criteria are reached in each location of the system. During this time, the oil temperature and direction of its flow are changed in order to move out remaining impurities.

Effective flushing of the oil system is based on the following three factors:
1. Flow rates at all pipeline sections should be sufficient to invoke turbulence.
2. The oil cleanliness class measured in various locations of the system should be better than required by the turbine manufacturer (e.g., 14/13/10 according to ISO 4406). The oil’s purity is measured during the flushing process using appropriate instruments and according to a predetermined schedule. Cleanliness requirements can also be set higher upon request.
3. No solid particles greater than 5 microns are deposited on the 3-micron mesh strainers installed in strategic places throughout the system. Smaller particle sizes may also be warranted. Depending on the requirements, the oil purity criteria can be more stringent. However, in most cases, the typical result is much better than a cleanliness class of 14/13/10.

Bypass Oil Filtering Before and During System Startup

2In order to remove post-assembly impurities introduced after flushing, bypass oil filtration in the main oil reservoir is performed before and during the system startup. The duration and filtration criteria are adapted to the specific operational requirements.

The technology of hydrodynamic cleaning and flushing with oil at turbulent flow rates provides a highly effective method for the renewal of dirty and corroded systems to "like new” condition while also being suitable for newly assembled oil systems.

3According to the requirements of:
1. ISO 18413:2002 (Hydraulic fluid power - Cleanliness of parts and components - Inspection document and principles related to contaminant collection, analysis and data reporting)
2. ISO 4406:1999 (Hydraulic fluid power - Fluids - Method for coding the level of contamination by solid particles)
3. VDA19/ISO16232.

The equipment of the company Gudrej for the flushing (clearing) of hydraulic systems and filtration from the mechanical impurities (filters out the smallest particles) after installation before putting into operation:
Our equipment;
• Fluid Control Unit, portable oil analysis unit with integrated pump FCU 2210, that continuous online measurement of solid contamination in the fluid, directly on the pressure line
• Flushing stations:
- Device for refueling with separation capacity 1 µm -20 µm P = 5 bar Q = 300 l/min is used OFU 10
- Flushing unit with heating and double filtration system with two groups of pumps:
P = 80 bar Q = 800 l/min. It is used for flushing hydraulic lines length up to 1000 meters.
- Two pump units with total capacity: P = 40 bar Q = 2700 l/min.
- Two filtration skids on the total total fuel consumption Q = 4000 l/min.
- Hydraulic bench and flushing unit Pmax =500 bar Qmax = 80 l/min is used for hydraulic-pressure test after installation.
- Chemical washing unit (etchant loop system) with capacity Q=1100 l/min P=8 bar.
Our equipment provides NAS 1638 class 2, 13/11/8 to ISO 4406. It is the best result that can be achieved during the flushing.

We offer You the following services:
- Maintenance operation of flushing (clearing) of hydraulic systems and filtration from the mechanical impurities (filters out the smallest particles) after installation and during service -support.
- Filtration from the mechanical impurities in lube oil unit and containers.
- Leasing of equipment for flushing of hydraulic systems after installation and during service -support.
- Leasing of equipment for filtration from the mechanical impurities (filters out the smallest particles) in lube oil unit and containers.
- maintenance service of hydraulic systems of imported building machinery.
- Flushing of hydraulic systems of imported building machinery, than 100 units per year. (Excavators, cranes, equipment for drilling, etc.)
- Oil filtration in lube oil unit of electrical power generating plant (compressors, turbogenerators).
- Service support of hydraulic systems and lubrication systems of industrial facilities.

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